Part One of Three Complete

Time has been limited and so has my Internet connectivity. I promise I’ll write at length when all is said and done, but the Namibian adventure has come to an end. I’m currently sitting in Johannesburg in the Michelangelo. I decided to pass on the tour today as I’ve not been feeling the best and considering I’ve driven over 1500km within the past week I think I need a rest. I’d like to point out some highlights from our trip so far with, again, more details to come later.

– Mom and Dad arrive, but without their luggage
– Dad shocks himself on the electric fence at Olive Grove B&B…mom and I laugh
– Saw a herd of 35 elephants in Etosha…saw a lion, some hyenas as well as new comers to animals I’ve seen.
– Luggage arrives while we are in Etosha…I get a great gift from Shannon
– Dad takes roughly 5 billion pictures
– Grootberg lodge is amazing…enough said
– Dinner in Opuwo with fellow volunteers for the last time
– Last night in Opuwo seems strange
– Take parents on a tour of where I worked and they met my colleagues
– Epupa Falls is not so fally when the water is low…still cool
– Long, crazy drive to Ondangwa from Epupa
– Get to see us land through the cockpit window when flying back to Windhoek
– Arrive in Johannesburg for one night and then off to Maun, Botswana for Part Two

Not a very detailed list, but some highlights that I will elaborate on later.

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