A couple of mishaps on the trip so far.

I left my passport in the safe in the hotel in Joburg. We were almost at the airport when I remembered…I’m smart. Fortunately a few things were on my side. I remembered the combination I used to the safe. I remembered my room number. The tour operator had a driver they could send to pick it up. Lastly, the flight was much later than we thought. I now have my passport and will not be losing it again.

A couple days later we’re staying at the Xakanaxa camp in Botswana. This is in the middle of the Okavenga delta so it requires flights on small planes. We’re already half way through our 3 flight trip to get to the Chobe National park when Dad realizes his own misstep. Passport holder and cash are on the night stand in their tent. Oops. We again have dodged a bullet and the passport was able to be delivered a day later.

Sometimes the tree inherits aspects of the fallen acorn.

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