Political Impressions

I was riding around yesterday in a Matatu and in front of us was a crowd of young men going down the street ripping off political posters. At first I thought it was just some school boys cleaning up the walls outside their school. I was mistaken. They were tearing down any poster that was not for their party, ODM. Now…a little rivalry is good and all, but I can see how things like this could get out of hand. There were no police around…there are really never any police around…so this sort of activity goes unchecked and people often wonder why riots occur here.

On a related note, as a result of the national elections this year the number of street hawkers (2nd hand goods sellers) in the city center has ballooned and congestion is at a high. No police enforcement, no restrictions. It’s pretty amazing to witness actually and I hope to get a video or pics of it to share.

In the meantime, I’m going to go buy a mirror for my apartment. Try going without a mirror for a week…it’s interesting.

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