Dad and I went for a great rafting trip down the Zambezi river the other day. This is a must for any adventure seeking person who happens to make the trip to Victoria Falls. Plenty of class five rapids to be enjoyed. Names like Stairway to Heaven, The Temple of Doom and Commercial Suicide have been given to the rapids clearly to make those who face them feel at ease about what they are about go through. We were successful on the day with no falling out of the boat and no flipping over. We swam in crocodile infested waters…not joking. All in all this was a great day. Only sorry that mom couldn’t go, but with the hike in an out of the canyon it is best that she didn’t. Our half day trip ended with a hike out of the canyon, but in reality it was more of a climb. I had to frequently look back to check on dad who I thought was having a heart attack at one point. The guide warned us and said that the record time to the top was 6 minutes and the other was an hour and half…took us about 10 minutes. The top we were greeted by cool drinks and a short bus ride back to the hotel. Good times.

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