Rain, Sleet, or Hot Dusty Weather

If you’re interested in sending me anything…not that you have to of course…but if you really feel the need. You can send to the following address:

Ministry of Health and Social Services
c/o Jonathan Woodruff
Private Bag 3003 (yes, this is actually the address)

I recently broke my docking station for my iPod shuffle so if you can’t think of anything…that’s one thing I might be needing. Maybe some American air…the sweet air of freedom. Or, maybe a self autographed picture of yourself…I can pretend you’re famous and hang you on my wall in my office and show all the people here all the important people I know back home. Sushi would be awesome…I’ll just cut off the bad parts (Dad). I’ll ask for more as I think of it.

Update: Please Allow for 2 months of transit time…What I’m saying is…send soon if you’re going to send.

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