Raining in Windhoek

Raining in my hotel room that is. It was a nice surprise to see so much water…too bad it was all over my bed. New room please. Oh…no water because of a pipe burst? That’s ok. I wasn’t looking forward to a hot shower since I haven’t had one in a month or more.

So I’m down in Windhoek awaiting Shannon’s arrival on Thursday morning. Planning on trying to get some work done with the Ministry as well as taking care of a few personal purchases. New bike seat (that fell off), new bike wheels (that don’t bend), new bike pedals (that aren’t cracked)…you get the idea.

I also met with a guy today about my stuff from Kenya. Yep, it’s now in Namibia. I’m about to be reunited, but not without paying about $120 USD. What? Apparently, it’s quite expensive to have customs hold onto my things and then I get to pay this gentleman 500 namibian dollars ($60USD) just to help with the paperwork…truly insipiring.

Otherwise things are good. Going to stuff myself full of Indian food for lunch and then off to buy new sandals, mine snapped, among other things. I’ll be back in Opuwo next week with plenty of tales from Shannon and my safari. Talk to you then.

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