Refrigerator = Cold Tusker

Refrigeration is mine at last!!!!  Wahahahaha.  A cold beer has never tasted so good.  I can have leftovers.  Dairy products are back in my life.  Ice will soon chill my water.

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  1. Congrats! Sorry to hear it cost you more than 3 Benjamins – a small price to pay I guess for cold brew along the equator.
    For your freezer, consider mixing up a batch of Kool-Aid and then putting a small amount in a number of plastic baggies, making sure to tie off the ends tightly. Then let the freezer do its thing, bite of the corner of the bag, and instant balls of icy joy. It’s a great thing to share with guests and a quick way to cool down when it’s hot out. I used to buy them by the pound from little kids in Mauritania.

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