Renewed Hatred of Mosquitoes

The battle is on again. Not sure why, but these Kenyan mosies are loud. 4am and all I hear is bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lights on. Dead mosie. Lights off. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ!!!! Lights on. Dead mosie. Lights off. Repeat. You get the picture. I’m buying a net today.

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  1. Hey bro –

    Glad to hear you’re settled and the mosies weren’t put off by your Degree — it would be uncivilized to come in and stink up their place. It’s freezing (literally) here today, so no more mosies here. Remember to check that net for holes.

    Dad told me the Reds won last night, so they’re ready to take the division back in Cincy. No, I don’t suddently care about baseball now. I live through you two.

    If I know you, you’ve got a constant Spotify playlist lightly playing in your place the minute you come in (too much silence in a new place isn’t good for Hota’s mojo). I’ve nearly killed that song from Drive now in my car — the only thing saving the song is the fact that I haven’t been driving a whole heck of a lot the past few days.

    Start your workouts yet? I bet you have. I’d like to suggest 1-minute abs. Works great. Get up from bed in the morning, lay down at night… get up to change dirty diaper at 1am, lay down…repeat at 3:30am and 6:45am. Workout done! For you, it’s killing mosies.

    I hope there’s not a limit for characters on comments or I’m going to be ticked.

    Went to the pumpkin patch last evening around 6pm. Place closed at 7, so we knew we were good. Arrive with Aasta asleep and Sigg hungry (with a dirty diaper). I took Aasta (heavy) and Sara wrapped up Sigg. We started towards the Pumpkins and the gate was closed (“Patch closed at 5pm”). Dang. Did I mention it was a 25-min drive one-way? So we walked through the gift shop — apple donuts (check), apple turnovers (check), mulled spices for cider, apple cider – (check, check). I’m still carrying dead sleep weight… arms about to fall off. Ok, time to go. Wasn’t that a fun trip? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think everyone’s going back at some point this week for some more fun.

    Shannon’s blog is great, but no commenting. ;( Too bad. Perhaps she’d be willing to guest blog on yours and send along some pics?

    Ok, I’ve got to get going, but please send along your mailing address along with any requests, save pumpkin pie.

    Oh, and I’d like to report that mom and dad helped me with my annual intake of White Castle and I’m still alive!

    Peace out, bro — love you and be safe.

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