Return to Opuwo

I’ve officially decided that driving from Windhoek to Opuwo does not equal fun. It takes at least 7 hours…I think that’s about the best and only reason I can give for my views. Today’s trip involved the abrupt end of a small bird’s life, the near death of a long-tailed sheep, questions regarding my political views, extreme head nodding with no meaningful rest, hot hot sun on my belly with no long term solution and a Wimpy burger. I know, I know, I swore off Wimpy after my experience in Kenya; however, the only thing the two establishments have in common is their namesake. Good to be back, minus the lack of running water.

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  1. JB,

    Dude, Wimpy is so lame here! The beef is like paste… yuck. So you have had some questions on your political views from the locals? Yeah, me too, but I have to explain to them why I am not voting for Obama. hahaha. One thought it is because I hate black people! Uh…

    Speaking of never-ending head nodding… I was just at Black Diamond in Westlands until 6 am when they kicked us out. Lots of head nodding and booty shaking to a mostly mediocre set of music. I was ready to go around 4 am but the driver always has the last word!

    In other news, I am off to Rwanda and Uganda next week. Poa sana.



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