The Flight that Almost Wasn’t

Apparently someone in the flight booking department didn’t want me to leave Kenya, because as of 30 minutes ago, I had no seat on a flight out of the country. I luckily checked my flights and found that this serious mistake had been made.

After 20 minutes on the phone I had been told that the original flight had been cancelled and I was now going to have to fly through Amsterdam, then to Paris and finally on to Cincinnati. I told them that Shannon’s flight had not been cancelled and was the same flight I was originally on. After 20 more minutes, they concluded that we were right and that I could get on the same Kenya Airways flight to Paris from Nairobi.

Next up was the seating, I did not have a seat even though I was originally next to Shannon. Another call and we’re all squared away.

Thank goodness calls to the U.S. are only 5 shillings a minute.

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  1. Oh boy, don’t give us a heart attack!
    Get on that plane you two….can’t wait to see you.
    Mama Sooz

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