Tons of American Booty in Opuwo

I just got a package from Shannon and her mom that contained quite a few unexpected treats. The blanket included was all I knew about and pretty cool and will be given to a friend’s baby here, but what really caught me was this.

So much for keeping those pounds off. I’m naturally ok with this as I’m currently snacking on one of the smashed Oreo Cakesters…these are tasty. Maple syrup that isn’t sugar cane syrup with maple flavoring…ok, bad example as it’s just corn syrup with flavoring, but still much better than the stuff they have here…perfect for my homemade pancakes. Skyline…of course. Those almonds are truly a remarkable feat in modern processed foods. Peanut M&Ms…going in my freezer right now. American peanut butter? Awesome. Oyster crackers…now that’s just going the extra mile. Thank you for the treats and i’ll be sure and enjoy them.

What would you want in a care package if you were gone from the U.S. for quite some time?


  1. Well… having just been out of the country and then returning I know what I’d want if (and when) I leave again: sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s, Oreo’s, wasabi peas, Chef Boyardee ravioli, Snickers, good quality coffee, Cosmopolitan magazine… and finally, Spicy Cheetos!

    Good question!

  2. Hmm, I can find most things I need in Nairobi… except Old Spice deodorant! I’ve got a couple people sending some to me, as mine is set to run out in a few weeks. Ahh!!



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