Traveling to Botswana to Begin Part 2

Ok…Botswana. After spending a long week of driving in Namibia we made our way back to Windhoek for a flight out to Botswana. Our destination…Johannesburg. No, Johannesburg is not in Botswana, but we had to make a pit stop there in order to fly to Maun, Botswana. Our plane was a wonderfully old MD-90 with no discernible markings to indicate that this was an accredited airline. Air Botswana…mkay. I had to keep telling myself that flying is safer than driving and no place is more dangerous to drive than in Africa. I am not aware of numbers on flight safety in Africa and would rather not know. We make it to Maun without incident and as luck would have it, another flight. 🙂 This time we’re in a single-engine, eight-seater Cessna. A 15 minute flight to get us to Xakanaxa. This was also quick and painless and was actually pretty cool flying so low above the Okavanga Delta. The landing was thrilling and we arrived to a group of people waiting with safari vehicles to take all passengers to their respective lodges…can we get some lunch?

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