Traveling to Chobe/Muchenge

Following our stay at Xakanaxa we were again to hop onto the Cessna and make our way to the Chobe national park. We quickly learned that it was 3 flights this time to our final destination. 15, 20 and 40 minutes. Fun fun. Things started great and I was enjoying the elephant viewing from above. Take off, landing, take off, landing, take off…ok…can we get there already? In my infinite wisdom I started watching some ‘Scrubs’ on my ipod on the last flight…I get deathly sick. You see…I get really bad motion sickness and these Cessnas, well, they move a lot in the air. I spend the next 30 minutes trying not to throw up on the people in front of me. Focus on the horizon…that was a big bump…i wonder if anyone else is sick…I’m not moving to find out…stay still and it will be over soon. I made it without seeing breakfast, but this was not fun.

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