Travels to Opuwo

Penny George behind the wheel, we set off this morning from Tsumeb around 9am and arrived into Opuwo at exactly 5pm.  There is a whole lot of nothing running around in northern Namibia…oh wait…billions of goats and cows…they’re there.  One of their favorite pass times is to cross the road just as you approach…it’s fun.  One trick that farmers like to play on their livestock is to tie their front two feet together and put a bell around their neck…those crazy farmers.  

We were able to see some of the remains of the flooding that turned northern Namibia into a disaster area over the past few months.  You wouldn’t have guessed it now as it seems to have changed everyone’s professional title to fisherman extraordinaire.  I really don’t know how it’s possible to pull so many fish out of water by the side of the road…no joking.  All the water seems to have come from Angola and brought all their fish with it…reports of crocodiles as well.  

We stopped for some supplies along the way per Penny’s suggestion.  Things in Opuwo cost more and aren’t as readily available.  I bought the basics…couldn’t resist picking up some of South Africa’s finest sauces…Mrs. H. S. Ball’s Chutney.  Everything else seems pretty trivial next to this.  I get KFC in hopes of treating myself, but somehow they managed to ruin it so I was sad…happy when I realized I had some Simba chips flavored by…you guess it…Mrs. H.S. Ball’s Chutney.  I’m not joking on this one.


The ride was relatively painless minus my awesome back and constant sweating…even caught a nap before hitting the gravel roads.  Learned the difference between England and Britain…don’t make this mistake…kind of knew this before, but just make sure you know exactly.  Also found out that Penny really likes Bob Dylan…I just don’t know how I feel about that.

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