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  1. I think I spotted a blade of green grass in this video. I was cracking up during the fly sequence — it immediately took me back to Mauritania, where each day it was a battle between me and the flies. Imagine that day times four months and you’ll have my experience.
    People wonder, when they watch those NGO videos with the flies walking all over the kids’ eyes, how the heck that’s even bearable. Well, for one, they grow up with it from infancy — flies like tears — it’s moisture. Also, what you begin to learn very quickly is that the flies in Africa don’t care if you try and kill them with a fierce swat — they’ve learned to work with the “power in numbers” routine. What this means is that YOU learn (succumb to) is that no matter what YOU do, the flies are just going to keep landing and walking all over you. So you just have to make the most of the time when the sun isn’t visible and the flies are off planning their strategy for the next day.

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