Washed out at Oktoberfest

Apparently the rainy season is upon us in Nairobi.  Last night we went to the second night of Oktoberfest.  The music was awesome, the energy of the people was amazing and generally it was a good night.

Then the rain started.

Quickly the giant tent started to show it’s weaknesses by leaking at every seam and even pooling water in many places.  This pooling caused the tent to sag in areas, stretch the fabric and then turn areas into mini showers.  Eventually it rained so much that the whole tent started to leak so it was as if it was raining indoors.

Toward the stage in the front the sagging got so bad that what was once 20-30 feet above the ground was now an area of water about the size of a swimming pool that caused the tent to sag to the ground.  It was ridiculous how fast it happened too.

As such, they started evacuating everyone.  We had already moved to the back way before this happened.

End of  it all things were ok and the tent held together, but I kept picturing the tent bursting open and the whole thing coming crashing down.

We found refuge in a tent outside the large tent where we spent the rest of the night selling fake products from a company called Seneca whose abandoned tent we took over.  It was fun.

When we finally made our way to the parking lot it was flooded with deep puddles of muddy water and mud was everywhere.  It’s amazing how much rain we got and in such a quick time.

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