We got a mini

During our first couple of days in Cape Town we quickly realized we’d be needing a car for the duration of our stay. We had heard about a lot of personal rental companies that rent cars to students and tourists for much cheaper than the going rate. We are talking around R100 per day which is about $11 at the time of this writing.

So we were pumped. We are going to get a car and free ourselves from our neighborhood, taxis and buses.

Then one night we went for a walk up the hill, Signal Hill, from our place. It was a great walk with a beautiful view of the city, but the best part of it was discovering that there is a market for mini rentals here in Cape Town. I’m not talking about those phonies you see on the roads today. I’m talking about real minis. Old school.

It took some time and a few phone calls but I went out today and picked up our new wheels. One of the best things about it is how cheap it was. Only R1900 per month. That’s about $200.

Not sure on a name yet but we will think of something. Any ideas?



  1. How about “rolling tiger”? Looks fun!

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