We Have Tomatoes People!!!

I came to the realization some time ago that if I have my plant inside that it’ll never be pollinated and thus no tomatoes. Dad, please put my coffee plant outside…I believe this might be why my plant is 4 years and have nothing thus far. Any way…I’ve been watching the plant closely and it’s been flowering a lot and today I noticed what you see in the picture. Sure, they’re only about the size of a pea, but they’ll be big soon. Any ideas on how to keep the locals from taking the tomatoes once they get bigger?

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  1. JB,

    Cool, dude. I tried to grow a bunch of crops but all I got was my sukuma wiki… and then it died before I could harvest it more than once. haha.

    Maybe I’m not the green thumb I always dreamed I was…

    -Alan in Kenya

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