We Saw Cheetahs Today!

I know my posts have been all over the place and things haven’t been in order. The first step is admitting I have a problem and it’s something I’m working on. But seriously, we saw some cheetahs today! Sure, they were in big cages, but pretty cool stuff nevertheless.

5 years ago I set out on a journey with my friends Todd and Andy. This journey began in Cape Town and took us to the Garden Route Game Lodge. Just so happens that Shannon and I stopped at the very same place today on our way back from Knysna.

Same place I remembered from my youth (what I could remember at least). We had an ok lunch and enjoyed the beautiful day. I think I like South African winters.


After lunch we decided to visit the cheetah enclosure. Worth the visit just to get pretty close and have the view all to ourselves.



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