What is on this ship?

Anyone know what is on this ship? Shannon and I had no idea. The virtual absence of sides made me feel as though this ship is one small wave away from the bottom of the ocean.


  1. This ship is used to carry other ships and large objects (like the two big things in the middle with three stacks on each).

    The big ship (which you cant see the sides) ends up filling up with water and sinking down to where another ship can drive into the middle. Once the boat/object that needs to be shipped is locked in, the big ship empties out the water that was used to sink it down, and is on its way to deliver the ship/object.

    This is my first time at your blog. I will be visiting more often

    • You’re exactly right! I had forgotten about those kinds of ships. Thanks for jogging the memory on this one.

      I think you’re also right about the stacks being oil rig related. The next day a huge mobile drilling rig came into port. It’s absolutely enormous.

  2. Oops…I didnt read your question right. Im guessing those are parts for oil rigs

    You probably knew what the big ship was used for. Hahaha

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