Where are the Games?

This is the question that everyone around the office has been asking me lately.  I tell them that they should not be playing games at work.  For many, it’s the first time they have spoken to me.  I asked a group of people to tell me why they think games should be on the computers.  Many were speechless and merely attacked more.  Some said they like to come in on the weekends and play….uh…right.  The best response was that they want to play them during lunch time.  I admit that this was a good reason; however, I know it’s a lie.  I pulled out a jerk card and asked if they paid for the computers.  Silence.  I said if they buy their own computer they can put whatever they want on it.  As long as these computers belong to the Ministry and I am here to help improve their IT then no games.

I’m in a bit of a pickle here with the employees as I fear a revolt.  My ace in the hole is a national IT policy which will legitimize my claims.

I should start lying and telling them it’s a virus that’s erasing their beloved Freecell.

Anyone have any other ideas?  I’m thinking about installing programs that will act like the computer is erasing itself…think a scare tactic is a good idea?


  1. Dude,

    I have a similar problem here. While students are only allowed to “browse” during lunch time, they can access reference and “how to” websites any time. During the “browsing” hours they are allowed to visit sites like Facebook, Myspace, blah blah blah. All those extremely educational websites. They complain that the administration is too strict, etc, that 1.5 hours at lunch isn’t enough for browsing.

    Recently I implemented a change to our proxy that made it so users have to authenticate, and then I restrict access based on the user who logs in. Staff and teacher accounts have no restrictions, but the student account can only access those social websites during lunch. I started seeing students browsing all the time and then I looked at the logs and saw that several “staff” were browsing, but there were no staff in the computer lab. Hah, somehow the students get passwords from the staff, or maybe the staff give the passwords out.

    In any case, the students are always chatting, posting on each others’ walls, etc. So I have to keep up with the staff to change their passwords often, and make sure Firefox isn’t saving passwords (because the staff always click “Yes, please remember!).

    HAHAH. Also, we implemented a policy here that if we see you playing games you get a 200 shilling fine on the spot. The administration says its because when people download games the viruses get into the computer (a misunderstanding, of course), but I’m happy to see the games gone. We don’t have enough computers here for legitimate work, let alone for browsing and card games.

    Adios from Kenya…


  2. Welcome to parenthood!!!!!

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