Windhoek Again

So that was kind of an abrupt and low climax to the end of my time in Opuwo. Sorry folks, but I will make it up to you. Tonight the parents arrive and we start our 16 day Safari through Namibia and Botswana…I then head for a 10 day trip in Cape Town with my friends Andy and Todd. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report and I’ll do some reporting when I can. I was able to get a right down with the Ministry yesterday in an empty car…that was a nice change from my first trip to Windhoek with me sharing the front seat with another guy.

Today I went and bought some gifts for people and had a lot I wanted to get. I bought everything and the people were even nice enough to drive me to places that told me a small box weighing 7kg. would cost me roughly 500 USD to send to the U.S…..WHAT!?!?!? Um…no. I went to three places and all their prices were the same. Crazy expensive. I decided I’d see what I could do about stuffing some items in my bags..which I also thought about shipping, but now just going to sweet talk British Airlines. I hope my parents packed light.

I had a run in with Telecom today and they were not happy. I apparently never paid for one of my months of service…oops. It worked out in the end.

Good lunch at Paul’s coffee shop. I suggest anyone who goes to Windhoek check this place out as it has great food and is for a great cause.

We’re staying in the Olive Grove tonight…this place is really nice. I think the parents will be pleasantly surprised.

Now I must go find out what flight they are on and when it comes in. Wish me luck.

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  1. Hi JB!
    I’m a friend of your parents and just wanted to check in. Been keeping up with your website throughout your journey and always enjoy reading your posts. Please tell your Mom & Dad I said HI and will await (hopefully) some fantastic pics of your safari. Stay Safe! Ellie

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