Work Update

Bored At WorkWork updates are always fun so here is some fun. Work is interesting. Things are moving, but moving slowly. The possibility of acquiring some funds to buy some computer equipment has gotten to the stage that I’m getting some quotations from ‘local’ businesses in Windhoek. You see, every purchase requires a quotation and then an order can be placed against the quotation. Then we play the wait game and I’m then back in the U.S. when boxes arrive and no one knows how to use the stuff in the boxes. Crossing the fingers on this one.

Individual training with staff has started this week and I’m hoping that I’ll start getting some recruits in the weeks to come. So far it’s Excel basics, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I’m actually really surprised that the head of regional HR doesn’t know Excel, but that’s where I step in. After a few weeks he’ll be spreadsheeting with the best of them. So far so good.

Meetings continue. They’re actually where I get the majority of my work done so there is something to be said about it….not sure what to say, but say something.

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