Our arrival at Xakanaxa presented us with a nice reception from Flo, the usual arrival drink, apple juice this time, and the awareness that at night we are not to go walking around alone due to hippo danger…sweet. A lunch of meat loaf was delicious and my upset belly was not enough to keep me from housing this plate of food. We were showed the fully stocked bar and coolers that are self-service and all we could drink…could you repeat that?…all we can drink. Deal.

We are taken to our tents which are basically awesome big tents with hardwood flooring and king size beds. The picture gives you a better idea than I could ever paint for you. I’m very happy.

Our stay at Xakanaxa would be filled with morning and evening game drives, about 4 hours each and midday break to have some food and relax by the pool. I believe I was one of the few to enjoy the pool time. The drink coolers were great. The food was always amazing. The other guests and staff turned out to be always friendly and full of great stories. This is the place to go if you want to interact with people who have great stories and are from all around the world. The animals we saw were what you’d expect and was more natural than say Etosha. We had nightly visits from hippos around our tents. Elephants would invade the campsite despite the electric fences. It’s a wild place and you are reminded all the time…it’s great. Go here if you can.

Next stop was Chobe national park.

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