You Know You’re a Tourist When… Part 3: Staring

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Now get your head of the gutter and think about it. That’s what tourism basically is. Places around the globe claiming they are the greatest in the world and people should come and have a look…have a long look…buy this plastic replica. It’s the only point in your life where you feel obligated to stare at something until it is permanently etched into your brain because people say it’s great. Why not stare at something you think you should stare at? I am repeatedly delighted to see a goat outside my door. I stare at goats, but not in an unhealthy sort of way. Pick your poison and stare away…enjoy and let it soak in. Put the camera away quickly as a world behind the lens makes it feel almost fake.

In the case of viewing people, in most cases, both sides are doing the staring. I think the people of Namibia are more fascinated with white people than you are of them. This makes for a lot of fun on both sides as you might catch them staring…you look away…they keep staring…they will win the staring contest.

A couple of my own personal experiences: The Eiffel Tower…it’s pretty at night…I’m not waiting in that line to go to the top…is there a crepe stand nearby that has Nutella? New York City…wow, that’s a lot of buildings…more buildings…more buildings…$6 for a beer?…ooh, pizza. Mona Lisa…where is the Mona Lisa?…culture through osmosis…I’m here…is that it?…next please. Costa Rican volcanoes…um…pass.

I’m not sure what the point of this post was, but that’s ok.

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