You Know You’re a Tourist When…

I’m starting a light-hearted series on the dos’ and don’ts of tourism as I see it. I’m not going to start this evening, but wanted to warm it up just by saying that I’m definitely not an expert on not being a tourist. I spend my time living and working in a country that I’ll soon be leaving and knew so from the beginning. I’ve regretfully not really made the effort to learn the local language and know only a handful of people outside of work. I’m still fascinated by the daily life of people in Opuwo and the sight of a cross-eyed goat still makes me chuckle. I take pictures of the out of ordinary that only a westerner would appreciate and a Namibian ignore. It’s fun though and I’d like to pass on some thoughts and ideas. Hopefully I’ll remind some of you of times when you were in similar situations and enlighten others who have yet to enjoy them. This should be fun.

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