You Know You’re a Tourist When…Part 1: Clothing

How do I look?
How do I look?

What is it about vacations that makes people want to wear clothes that make them look completely insane? Psychologically it makes sense, you’re entering a short-term “life” that is unlike your every day and why not take it one step further by wearing, for all intensive purposes, a costume to match that ‘new’ you. I probably love Halloween more than anyone around, but vacation is about relaxing, not dressing up. It’s vacation, wear your favorite t-shirt instead of that floral print. Bust out the old gym shoes you mow the grass with every Saturday. This is who you are and it’s that person that should be on vacation? Bringing yourself means that you have the opportunity to impact that life you ‘escaped’ back home. Maybe you discover something new you want to try, a possible career change or cultures you want to know more about. Vegas is not the only place that can tout, “what happens there, stays there…” I personally hate that saying. Instead, try bringing it back home as it may improve your daily life. Let me get back on track here. Clothes. Clothes, despite what you think, can really change who you are. Power suits aren’t a joke. Yes, that shirt does make you look fat and you know it. Honestly though, it’s still just you and that’s good. Be yourself on your vacations and you just might find you get a lot more out of them.

p.s. I wear t-shirts a lot. Khaki outfits make sense when on safari as they are muted colors that help avoid attracting insects and animals. Banana hammocks are not cool no matter what country you are from. Just some more thoughts.

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