You Know You’re A Tourist When…Part 4: Secret Money Pack

Buy a distinct khaki purse to put your money in. They are to be used only when on vacation in strange and exotic, though potentially dangerous, locales around the globe. Instructions: Put all of your most valuable possessions in this magic bag and your worries will disappear. Features: the bag makes you and your giant camera, fanny pack, international mobile phone, mp3 player and clean sneakers blend into the local surroundings…you’re practically invisible. But wait there’s more, it tricks thieves through the art of reverse psychology because who could be stupid enough to put all of their money in one, clearly identifiable bag?

I believe these bags were actually designed and created by thieves. It’s genius. It’s always around your target’s neck. It’s a prominent color, khaki. It’s big enough that everyone puts their passport, credit cards and cash in it. It’s a perfect Win, Lose.

Seriously though, if you’re robbed it’s almost always because you were being careless…sometimes just bad luck. You went down the dark alley at night. You flashed your cash and someone saw. You were wearing really nice things and someone wanted them. You left your valuables sitting out in the open in your rental car. My advice is really just to think when you’re traveling. Be aware of common scams, know the bad areas of town, don’t take out more cash than you need that night, don’t be flashy. If you’re white in Africa you’re a likely target, it’s just the reality where I’ve been. Crooks are opportunists so don’t give them the opportunity. And please, don’t buy a special bag to hold your money. Put your money and cards in your front pocket and don’t have too much on you. The companies that make those bags are opportunists…think about it.

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