Zimbabwean Billionaires

I’m now a billionaire…so that’s cool. Part of our trip we decided to walk into Zimbabwe to check out Victoria Falls and also to see the Victoria Falls Hotel. This decision was an excellent one.

It all started with us walking out of Zambia, crossing the bridge and entering Zimbabwe. We were bombarded by people trying to sell us things. One of the main things they were selling was the now defunct Zimbabwean currency. I can now say that I’m a Zimbabwean billionaire as I have in my possession a few 100 Billion Dollar notes.

Immigration was fun. We got stuck behind a Japanese tour group of about 50 when normally there is no line at all. Hot is an understatement of how it was in the office. We finally got through though with the help of a nice agent and paying our $30 visa charges.

Next stop was Victoria Falls park. $20 dollars per person later we were seeing some awesome sights of the falls. Since we couldn’t see anything from the Zambian side this time of year this was necessary to see the falls and who would go to Victoria Falls and not see the falls? Pictures and videos to be shared soon.

What else…we then went to the Victoria Falls Hotel. It’s from the early 1900s and is an amazing place to see. I recommend this. Mom and I were attacked by some vervet monkeys that thought my sun glasses were food and when they realized they were they got pissed. I did my best monkey intimidation grunt and readied by water bottle for maximum dousing. Danger was averted.

We made our way back into Zambia as the sun fell. Mom and Dad did their best power walking impression as they were a bit nervous of some of the locals. I laughed a bit, but it’s understandable as it takes a bit of getting used to here. Dad also had a dual holster of camera equipment going on so he looked like a pretty good target.

Good day trip.

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