Windhoek Again

So that was kind of an abrupt and low climax to the end of my time in Opuwo. Sorry folks, but I will make it up to you. Tonight the parents arrive and we start our 16 day Safari through Namibia and Botswana…I then head for a 10 day trip in Cape Town with my… Continue reading Windhoek Again

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I’m Stupid

I decided to go to the bakery today to get bread as it’s a little closer than OK. Now I just want to punch my face. They have this great selection of fresh breads: hoagie buns, peasant rolls, dinner rolls, buns, cinnamon rolls. I’m just sad. I guess there’s always next time and at least… Continue reading I’m Stupid

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Network Equipment Arrives

That’s right folks. Christmas came early in Opuwo today. A nice big box came today full of networking goodies both wired and wireless. People are extremely happy to hear that they are one step closer to getting Internet. Now it all depends whether or not they’re willing to pay for the Internet…time will tell, but… Continue reading Network Equipment Arrives

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Departure Update

So it appears that I’ll be in Opuwo for a few more days than previously thought. I’ll be leaving on Tuesday of next week. This is good as I won’t have to spend as much time Windhoek. I’ll find some things to write about between now and then.

Segube Passes

For the past 4 months I’ve been teaching a friend of mine, Segube, within the ministry how to use computers. It’s been a test on both parts, but I can honestly say he’s on the right track…a long track…but the right track. My patience has been stretched to it’s limits. I have enjoyed it though… Continue reading Segube Passes

Goat Gets Hike By Car

I was riding my bike through Opuwo today on the way back from OK and dodge this crazed goat. He had this look in his eye and luckily my brakes were sufficient. Unlucky for the goat, he ran in front of me and right into the front of on-coming traffic. Sammy the taxi driver gave… Continue reading Goat Gets Hike By Car

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Public Urination

Gotta pee? Just go man…just go. In Opuwo it’s fine to just stop on the side of the road and go for it….in the middle of town. This may not be legal but there certainly isn’t any enforcement. Fun little fact.

You Know You’re A Tourist When…Part 4: Secret Money Pack

Buy a distinct khaki purse to put your money in. They are to be used only when on vacation in strange and exotic, though potentially dangerous, locales around the globe. Instructions: Put all of your most valuable possessions in this magic bag and your worries will disappear. Features: the bag makes you and your giant… Continue reading You Know You’re A Tourist When…Part 4: Secret Money Pack

Questions and Answers

More questions have rolled in, this time from the class of 2018. So here go a few: Do you wish you could stay longer? If the job would change then maybe, but honestly looking forward to coming home for a while. How old are you? I’m 26…I was born in 1982 What do you eat… Continue reading Questions and Answers

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Final Week

Clearly no one had any guesses for my earlier post regarding how much time I have left….except my wise acre brother…so I thought I’d give it away. This week is officially my final week of work in Opuwo. Yep…that was fast. Granted, I won’t be leaving the African continent for another month, but this will… Continue reading Final Week

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Everything Must Go

I put some of my items on sale this week and I can honestly say that the people around the office are talking to me at much greater length than ever before. People are literally fighting over what I’m selling. I’m not selling anything great: iron, sleeping bag, mattress, etc….must be my unbelievable, unbeatable prices.… Continue reading Everything Must Go


Let’s analyze these pretzels i’m eating. ‘Hold on for a wild taste ride ’cause our twisted snacks just won’t be tamed!’ I bought a bag of pretzels, this was not in the arrangement. ‘Each pretzel you pop transports your tongue to a place where sweet honey, tangy mustard and grilled onions fill the prairies with… Continue reading Pretzels

The Verdict

Due to the flooding of my inbox of people just dying to know if computer equipment came today I thought I’d post about it. The long and short of it is kind of. While at work I physically received nothing that resembled computer hardware. I did receive a comment that led me to believe that… Continue reading The Verdict

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Toilet Paper

My toilet paper has puppies on it…does this mean that South Africans do not like puppies?

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Light In My Opuwo Tunnel

A switch has been flipped and rumor has it that some computer and networking parts might be finding their way to Opuwo…wait for it…tomorrow! Rumors are known to run rampant in these parts so I’m not putting all my hopes in one handwoven basket. However, it’s nice to see that I might actually have a… Continue reading Light In My Opuwo Tunnel

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You Know You’re a Tourist When…Part 2: Language

You get off the plane. You’re pumped. It’s vacation time. You’re taking in the sights. Then it hits you. You’re hungry. Um…do you have a menu in english? You don’t understand me? Can I just have a hamburger? No…a hamburger. No…A HAM-BUR-GER! This does happen. You have this romantic view of traveling and how perfect… Continue reading You Know You’re a Tourist When…Part 2: Language

Time Change

The time changed this weekend by moving an hour ahead so the result is that it is now a 6 hour time difference between Eastern Standard Time and Opuwo time. Plan accordingly.